An Unfortunate Privilege

by Deer Park

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Thanks to Alex Hickel, Erick McGee, Ryan Barney and Rob Domos for letting me borrow gear and thanks to Jessie Siren for taking this wonderful photo


released November 30, 2014

Written and recorded by Rob Auerbach



all rights reserved


Deer Park Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: As It Is
I just miss your voice
Said all the men and boys
I just miss your lack of good, good, good choice
I just miss your words
I dismiss the world
I just miss the way that you perceive the world
As it is we can only see what we choose
As it is we can only see the truth

We used to sit and play
All day every day
And think of millions of different ways
To get out of that place
One was hop a train
But now looking back it seemed so great
We used to dream all day
And think of words to say
Against those people who just wanted us to change
Oh what a glorious
Never boring trip
To bad I never learned to not bite my lip
Track Name: Broken Glasses
Last night I had my first nightmare in years
I bumped into someone then he grabbed my ears
He ripped them off and then I couldn't hear
That's when I realized that that's my biggest fear

I broke my friends glasses and then I couldn't see
But he wasn't mad cuz he didn't like the look of me
So I gauged my eyes out in my dreams
Cuz his opinions were ones which I agreed
Track Name: Not Anyone
We built a boat
It's kept us afloat for a year
Now we just talk about how we'll disappear

We built every inch with our hands
Now we just talk about how our works gotten bland

But maybe we will rise

You know we've got a knack for broken expeditions
And it's so rare for me to get infatuations

With god

You know you're not god, right? You don't get excited at the sight of you're own blood
Track Name: Copied Goal, Recycled Soul
You're not a king
You can't lead
You're not anything that you set out to be
You're just a fool with a copied goal and a recycled soul

You're not a visionary or an entrepreneur
What you get just makes you want more
You're just a bad ego with a copied goal and a recycled soul

Don't wake me up

Don't wake me up today, tomorrow or the next day
I'm not ready yet
Don't wake me up for the next 365 days
It's not a good year let me stay in bed

Please don't wake up
Track Name: Gas Masked
I'm just a flabbergasted internally gas masked man
With a flask buried beneath his soft laugh
Never had a goal that ever lasted or past
The fast communication to another human
Track Name: It's Over
Now I think it's over
Now I think I've made the wrong decision
I used to be so confident that everything had happened for a reason
Now I rethink everything ever decision every choice I make
It's so meaningless.
The way we think
It's so meaningless.

"I could've done it better" the things I'll always say every tomorrow
What a fractured human, what an everlasting sense of evil
Nobody doesn't have a heart in them but not everything can stay full forever
You could always have a fast pace but how many people would you leave behind
Oh what a cloudy mind
Track Name: Hungry
A power hungry artist with a lack of communication skills
They said you've got a character defect and it's gotta be killed
It's a problem you're on this world as you're meant to be because you're looking for a thrill
And the only solution that they can think of is to take a couple pills
Or else it's all downhill

We're not the same as we were before but I guess we've been looking for a change
And I think we'll be looking still until our souls start to float away
Perpetually lost until we're content feeling lost always
But at least we haven't lost our independence or our ways
If we did who would we blame?

A vague anger at the world that turns into a collection of sounds
Made by someone who unlike that product won't always be around
He says he knows what he wants to be said that's why he's so loud
But everyone around him notices that when you look up there's a cloud
So they don't want him around
Track Name: Time at Home
An introspective mind with just resentments to be filled
A lack of praise for a one team job that just one person built
You toss and turn and sleep on floor until you're whole body's sore
You rub yourself with dirt, clean yourself then rub on some more

You wonder why you hated time at home when that meant time alone
You pick the hair above you're eyes thinking about the life you chose
A minimalist with hoarded thoughts that just won't go away
And closed eyes at a book that says to meditate eight minutes a day

You crave boredom you crave chaos you crave a constant train of thought
Your cravings consist of nothing but a life that you haven't got so why should I repeat myself I've said this all before
Why should I repeat myself I've said this all before
Track Name: Use Your Voice
You didn't load the gun but you're shooting it at everyone
The page was blank and white but now it's covered in blood
You didn't use your voice
Oh what an awful choice
I once played a violent video game
I killed everyone that I knew the next day